The bigger the house the bigger the door

In modern Australia, houses are being built bigger and bigger every year and so the security door industry has needed to adapt to keep up.

In times past, security mesh over a certain size would need to have a mid-rail to support it. But at Factory Fit, we use a revolutionary tensioning system on our Bella 316 and SecureView doors and windows which means that we’re able to remove the need for mid-rails which can obstruct the view you’re looking to retain!

We’ve found over the last year that oversized doors are becoming more common and we’re now fitting doors over 2300 high and up to 1800 wide on a regular basis!

The system we use means that the mesh remains tight across the frame and won’t impede any secondary glass or wooden doors you have fitted. We wanted to test the effectiveness of our system, so we built a test door at a massive 2400 H x 2000 W and it worked out perfectly – check out the photo above!

If you have some extra-large doors you need fitting, give us a call on (07) 3804 6274 today!

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