Kids don’t fly

An increasing amount of Australian families with children are choosing to live in multi-story homes and with that increase comes the need to ensure the safety of the kids living there. Children aged one to five years old are most at risk of falling from windows and balconies and there is an alarming amount of reports of children being admitted to hospital as a result. Our warmer climate means that the windows and doors to the home are often open to allow for airflow, but with young children being curious around heights there have been many unfortunate accidents recorded.

In 2013, the Kids Don’t Fly laws were implemented to new residential builds and childcare centres to counteract and eliminate the number of instances of children being injured. These laws dictate that any openable bedroom window with an outside drop of two metres or more needs additional safety measures added to ensure the protection of children. The opening of the window cannot allow a 125mm ball to pass through and must be able to withstand 250N force.

At Factory Fit we take security and safety very seriously, so we have three products that comply and exceed the requirements of these laws: our own Bella 316, Xceed Perforated Aluminium, and Secure View. While there is no substitute for vigilant parental supervision, the installation of one of these screens will greatly improve the safety of children so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids are protected.

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