Factory Fit Install Spotlight – Sherwood Childcare Centre

At Factory Fit, we love when something a bit different comes through to us. We were contacted to install screens into a childcare centre in Sherwood to continue the renovation the centre is undergoing. This week we installed 5 bi-parting doors and 4 sliding doors (a total of 14 doors!) to the centre.

Our techs aren’t content with simply measuring and installing the doors, we plan out each job we undertake to make sure that we’re thinking of the future. We know that these doors will be put to the test with kids running in-and-out and constantly being opened and closed, so we used the most heavy-duty rollers to ensure the longevity of the tracks and the doors!

We also know that safety is the most important priority at a childcare centre, so we used our very own Bella 316 mesh for all of the doors. This will ensure the teachers have a clear and completely unobstructed view of the kids playing outside.

The doors are a stylish addition to the existing renovations and our clients were very happy with the end result! The children will be safe and secure in this building for many years to come!

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