Giving you the ultimate Decoview decorative security screening

Increasingly, we’re seeing a diversion from standard black or white screen doors when homeowners are renovating or designing their new home. Homeowners want something that stands out from the other houses on the street and creates instant curb appeal. To accommodate this shift in design aesthetics, we’re proud to offer DecoView screens to our customers!

Decoview doors are highly decorative Australian-made products that come in a wide range of patterns and a huge 200 colours to suit anyone’s design tastes – no matter how unique! Decoview offer laser-cut or perforated doors and come with a flyscreen mesh to keep out the bugs and insects, while simultaneously letting in the light and breeze.

Consistent with our own ethos, Decoview places a real emphasis on quality and security as they are also members of the National Security Screen Association. Decoview’s perforated screens provide the ultimate in security as they exceed Australian AS5039-2008 standards, so you can be assured that these doors are not style over substance – you can have it all. The laser-cut designs are built from the same high-quality materials and range from barrier screens to security – its security rating is dependent on the design having openings less than 70mm wide.

To add an additional layer of security, these doors can be fitted with a triple-lock system to keep intruders out and your family and belongings safe.

We custom-measure your doors, will discuss the pattern or style you desire, and you have the option of 200 colours to choose from! These doors do not compromise on style, design, OR security so if you’re looking to deviate from standard “cookie-cutter” designs and express your individuality, look no further.

You’re not limited to just screens on your house, the possibilities are endless – give us a call or send us an email and we’d be more than happy to discuss your options!

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