Bella 316 pivot door installation – Gold Coast

“We have a pivot door that needs a screen. Didn’t know this was possible so am excitedly hopeful you can help.” ⁠

We receive emails and phone calls just like this from customers every week who have been told a screen on a pivot door is either too hard or just not possible! We’re here to let you know that it IS! Factory Fit Screens are your pivot door specialists and can help you to get a screen on your pivot door just like we did for this home.

Pivot doors differ to standard entry doors as they rotate on a pivot box rather than a standard door where there are hinges on one side of the door frame. While the main selling point of a pivot door is its statement pivot point, this can pose problems when you want to be able to fit a screen door to leave your door open for airflow. The pivot point on one of these doors means that when the door is opened, the door protrudes generally between 20-80+mm out and would clash with any standard screen door that you installed.

To counteract this issue, our fitting team created an innovative installation process which sets us apart from all other screeners and allows us to fit a screen to a pivot door. Essentially, we use aluminium extrusions to build-out the door way around the existing frame to create a new door jamb. This build-out allows enough clearance for the pivot door to swing while allowing a screen door to be fitted. All of our screens are custom made-to-measure and we take great care in making sure everything fits perfectly, so our pivot door installations are completed across 2 days.

Day 1: we install the build-out and our tech measures for the screen door. The measurements are returned to our factory to begin production on the door.

Day 2: we install the door!

We colour-match our aluminium extrusions to the screen door to ensure a seamless appearance. Check out our gallery below to see exactly what our build-outs look like!

Our pivot door build-outs are universal which means you can get any type of door you like from our product range. We’ve installed fly screens to security screens on pivot doors in the past, so our team will be able to help you to choose the door that best suits you!

If you’re ready to have your pivot door screened in time for Summer, give our friendly team a call today on (07) 3804 6274 or visit our website contact form here to organise a free site measure and quote today!

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