Triple Lock FAQ

What are triple locks?

A triple lock is a three-point locking mechanism that is connected by a single internal rod or cable inside a door frame. There are three prongs that lock into a door jamb and they are located at the top, middle, and bottom of a door. These locking points are engaged when the key is turned or the snib is used (the snib is a small lever located on the inside of a door used to lock a door).

Single Vs Triple Locks

The difference between a single and triple lock is in the name! A single lock only has one locking point located at the centre of the door. A triple lock locks into three points in the jamb which adds strength and reduces the ability for a door to be jemmied or levered open from the top or bottom of the frame.

Are triple locks required on a security door?

To comply with Australian Standards for security (AS-5039), a security door must have a triple lock. This is required as when a security door goes through its testing to comply with Australian Standards, it is tested with a triple lock. If a security door is fitted with a single lock only, that reduces its security drastically and can no longer be classed as a true security door. All of our security doors come fitted with triple locks as standard.

What triple locks do you use?

At Factory Fit, we only use the highest quality products. For our Bella 316, SecureView, and Xceed doors we use Austral Lock triple locks. For our Decoview doors, we use Lockwood beak-style triple locks. Both companies’ products are made in facilities in Melbourne. These brands align with Factory Fit as our screens are all made in our factory in Yatala, keeping production in Australia!

How do you maintain triple locks?

Once you’ve had your doors with triple locks installed, it’s important to maintain your locks to prolong the lifespan of your door and its security. We recommend performing maintenance on your door locks every 6 months if you’re located in a mild environment or every 3 months for coastal and industrial areas.

This is a simple process and we’ve outlined the steps below:

  1. Open your door
  2. To retract the bottom and top triple locks, unlock the door with the snib
  3. Spray a small amount of silicone spray into the space housing the triple lock points
  4. To lubricate the centre locking point, turn the door handle as if you were opening the door and spray per step 3
  5. Turn the snib back and forth to move the silicone through the locking points

You’re done! Performing this routine maintenance on your triple locks will help to keep your locks operating just as well as the day we installed it!

If you have any questions at all or to organise a free site measure and quote, contact our friendly team on (07) 3804 6274 or submit a quote request form here and we will be in touch!

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