Security Screens to Xceed your expectations

If you’re concerned with installing the ultimate security screening to protect your family and home, you’ve probably been looking for screening that conforms to Australian Standards AS5039-2008. Screens that comply with these standards have to pass a knife test, shear test, and impact test just to name a few. These tests ensure that the doors will stand up to intruders, cyclones, and fire and will secure your home and family through most extreme events.

With the quality of these screens comes the price tag. If you’ve received quotes for security screening in the past, you will have noted that rated security screening comes at a pretty high price tag when compared to diamond grille, and this reflects the high quality and exceptional standard of screen you will be receiving.

This is why Factory Fit Screens is happy to offer Xceed Perforated aluminium screens as a cost-effective security screen option. Made from supremely durable perforated aluminium, Xceed has excellent anti-corrosion properties, high visibility, and most importantly, it conforms to AS5039-2009 like its woven-mesh counterpart, SecureView.

If you’re looking for an affordable security-rated product that will look amazing on your home and provide an impenetrable barrier to the outside world, look no further than Xceed!

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