304 vs 316 marine grade stainless steel

Living in South East Queensland, it’s important to know that the materials that are being used on your home have been designed and made to withstand the unique conditions we have. We have customers who live right on the coastline so are susceptible the resulting salt spray and we also have those who live out in the bush where dust is prevalent.

Many screens on the market today are made with 304 Marine Grade stainless steel and may seem like a great deal on the surface due to the lower price, but will eventually deteriorate and cost more in the long run. ⁠304-grade stainless steel has been shown to deteriorate much more quickly and cost the homeowner more in the long run when having to replace their screens after exposure to the QLD conditions.

316 Marine Grade stainless steel is a far superior quality mesh that has a high resistance to corrosion, embers and flying debris that offers more superior protection than its 304 counterpart. The corrosion-resistance is very important since so much of the QLD population is located along the coastline.

At Factory Fit, we only use quality products that will stand the test of time in the weather conditions we know our customers live in. Our very own stainless steel mesh Bella 316, and SecureView are made from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel so you can be assured that your screens will last through for decades to come!

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