5 tips on how to clean security screens

In the beautiful South East Queensland we are blessed with great weather nearly all year around. With windows and doors open more often than not it’s not too hard to miss dirty screens.

The fine mix of elements including dust and pollen cling to the intricate gaps making it a challenge to clean.

Our tips help keep your screens looking their best.

We recommend cleaning your screens completely at least once a year which requires removing them, giving them a good hose down and wash and refitting again. This will give you the best results. But, when time is of the essence, this will keep them looking great between the big spring cleans.

Step 1

Using a slightly damp microfibre cloth start at the top of the screen and slowly wipe from side to side down to the bottom. Ensure you don’t press too hard to avoid any damage to the screen mesh.

Step 2

If your screen is excessively dirty or dusty you may need to rinse out the cloth and repeat a second (or third) time, until your cloth comes away clean.

Step 3

As you go from window to window (or door to door) make sure you rinse the cleaning cloth really well. You don’t want to take the dust from one screen to another.

If taking on the whole house in one go is daunting try to do a room each day and you’ll be done in no time with just a few minutes out of your day. EASY!

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