Bella 316 Vs Diamond Grille Security Screens

Diamond grille doors and windows have been a mainstay screen type in Australia for decades. But gone are the days where these are your only options for a barrier screen. You’re no longer confined to a product that obstructs your view – we specifically designed and developed Bella 316 to be a cost-effective alternative to security screens that are a huge improvement to traditional diamond grille windows and doors. If you’ve been on the fence about updating your diamond grille screens to Bella 316, we’ve listed 5 reasons below to help you in your decision-making process!

Corrosion and Rust Resistance

Bella 316 has been designed with our customers in mind. We know that many of our customers live close to the coast, so their screens need to be able to withstand these unique conditions. Made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, our mesh and frame will look good-as-new for years to come.

Unobstructed views

One of the biggest deciding factors for our customers is the completely unobstructed views Bella 316 provides compared to diamond grille. With its unique and innovative retention system, our screens require no mid-rails, rivets, or screws.

Instant Home Reno

When it comes to colour selection, we don’t think “close enough” is good enough. We select colours to match and complement your existing tracking and glass suites. We have a standard Bella 316 range for the most-popular colours and for those older homes that have lesser-used colours, we have our Bella 316 Premium colour range. You’ll be amazed at how instantly screen replacement improves the appearance of your home!

Reduction In Heat transfer

Another advantage Bella 316 has over diamond grille screens, is that it will help in reducing cooling bills in Summer. With a reduction of up to 55% in radiant heat being transferred into your living areas, our screens will help to maintain a more consistent and enjoyable temperature for you and your family without having to turn on the air conditioner.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Rating

Bella 316 has undergone stringent fire attenuation testing by Exova Warringtonfire Aust and has satisfied the requirements for Bush Attack Level (BAL 12.5,19, 29 & 40) (AS3954-2009). This is an essential requirement for those who live in fire-prone areas.

While there will always be a place on the market for old-school diamond grille screens, with so many options available to you, there are no limitations for your home dreams. Bella 316 screens also have a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can be confident knowing your screens have been designed and built to stand the test of time in our tough Australian conditions, and look amazing while doing it.

With interest-free payment options available, our team is here to help you – give us a call on (07) 3804 6274 or use our quote request form today!

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