Bella 316 Bi-fold stacking doors – Hope Island

This week at Factory Fit, the team completed our latest Bella 316 installation on a beautiful waterfront property in Hope Island on the Gold Coast. This job had several essential requirements for their screening. One of the main features on this stunning home is the bi-fold glass doors that lead out to the outdoor area beside the water. So the biggest requirement for this job was that the oversize set of bi-fold doors needed to be screened to allow the breeze in and keep the bugs out.

The second requirement was that the colour needed to match the existing blue of the glass doors, and finally that the screens needed to be able to stand up to the conditions that come with living by the water. With all of these requirements, our customers made the decision to have Bella 316 doors fitted to their home.

Due to the unique configuration of bi-fold doors, with two panels stacking to the left and two to the right with a hinged door in the centre, this set of doors required some planning. As each and every door we fit is custom made-to-measure, to ensure that each panel on the bi-fold door fit and functioned perfectly, our installation was staggered across two days.

Day one: our team laid new tracking for the bi-fold screen doors and measured for four out of five of the panels. The hinged panel was the important final piece of the stack and needed to be measured separately to ensure it fit like a glove – “close enough” is not good enough for our team!

Day two: we installed the four panels and measured for the final hinge door. The fitting team onsite called in the measurements to our factory team back in Yatala, who quickly assembled the door and by mid-afternoon the final panel was fitted.

Our amazing customers are so excited with the results and so are we! They can now enjoy the breeze coming through their brand new bi-fold doors year-round and can be confident knowing that they were manufactured and fitted to the highest standards.

Thanks to the Sinclair family for choosing us to screen their home and allowing us to take so many photos of their beautiful home!

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