Security tips for residents living in apartments

Think you are secure because you live in an apartment?

We recently had a call to fit security screens to a 3rd story apartment building where they were broken into while they were asleep in the next room. The perpetrator climbed up the drain pipe to the 3rd story balcony to enter through the door that was left open to allow the breeze in during the night. Once inside he had free access to their most valuable items.

Luckily for the residents, the perp knocked something over and woke the residents up by the time they got out of bed and in the living room he had jumped over to the neighbour’s balcony and then down to the ground and got away – close call.

Don’t risk it, even apartments are a target. Make sure you can lock all external doors and windows. If you want to let the breeze through then give us a call for an obligation free quote or to discuss our range of Security and Barrier Screens today.

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