A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Security Screens

In the picturesque region of South East Queensland, we are fortunate to enjoy pleasant weather for the majority of the year. This climate encourages us to keep our windows and doors open, inviting in the fresh air and sunshine. However, this also means that our security screens often collect a fine mixture of dust, pollen and other airborne particles, which can make them challenging to clean.

This guide provides a detailed approach to keeping your security screens in pristine condition. We recommend a thorough cleaning at least once a year, which involves removing the screens, washing them down, and reinstalling them. This process ensures optimal results. However, we understand that time can be a constraint, so we’ve also included tips for maintaining your screens between these comprehensive cleanings.

Step 1: Gentle Wiping

Start by using a slightly damp microfibre cloth. Begin at the top of the screen and slowly wipe from side to side, working your way down to the bottom. Be careful not to press too hard to avoid causing any damage to the screen mesh. This step helps to remove the loose dust and pollen particles from the screen.

Step 2: Repeat as Necessary

If your screen is particularly dirty or dusty, you may need to rinse out the cloth and repeat the process a second or even third time. Continue this process until your cloth comes away clean. This step ensures that all the stubborn dust and grime are removed from the screen.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

As you move from window to window (or door to door), make sure you rinse the cleaning cloth thoroughly. You don’t want to transfer the dust from one screen to another. This step maintains the cleanliness of each screen and prevents cross-contamination.

Step 4: Make it Manageable

If the thought of cleaning all the screens in your house in one go seems daunting, try breaking it down into smaller tasks. You could clean the screens in one room each day. This way, you’ll have sparkling clean screens throughout your house in no time, with just a few minutes spent each day.

Keeping Your Screens Clean

Keeping your security screens clean not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also ensures that you continue to enjoy the clear views and fresh air that South East Queensland is known for. With these simple steps, maintaining your screens can be an easy and manageable task.

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