Enclosure with a difference

Here at Factory Fit Screens, we pride ourselves on being able to go above and beyond for our clients, making sure that they are happy and satisfied with our work and their space. Recently we had a client that built a large deck/patio extension onto the back of their house on the Gold Coast. This space opened up their house providing them with a large entertaining area that flowed extremely well off their living room and kitchen. However, what they did not realise was that there were a lot of mosquitoes every afternoon making this space uncomfortable to enjoy the way that they had envisioned.

Factory Fit Screens were tasked with finding a solution that not only kept the bugs out, but looked amazing on their newly extended living area. We also had the added task of ensuring the structure met and exceeded the balustrading standards AS/NZS1170.1, as there was a 4m+ drop off to accommodate for on the fixed side of the patio.

After consultation with the client, the decision was to make one side of the enclosure with 4 fixed panels of Bella 316 Barrier Screen™ and the other side where access was required, with 2 fixed panels and 2 bi-parting doors. This would allow our client to open up the space and keep it as light as possible. In an effort to keep the area as bright as possible, we utilised clear roofing sheets for the area above the fixed screens and the sloped roof. We chose this product due to its strength and durability, as this is an area that will be difficult to clean and maintain on a regular basis.

The customer also required a large pet door to be placed on the side with the bi-parting doors. This was also a little out of the ordinary as they required this to be in the fixed panel not the active door panel. The client will be finishing the area and adding in some steps at a later date, thus giving access to their beautiful golden retriever.

We are extremely proud of what our technicians were able to achieve with this project as we were certainly thrown a few curve balls and problems to overcome. We also managed to eliminate all exposed screws and bolts from the internal side of the structure, bar a few fixing screws along the bottom, allowing this structure to be aesthetically pleasing. We succeeded in keeping to the high standards of the client and the quality of builds completed in the area.

The strength and integrity of this project was of utmost importance and we believe that Factory Fit went above and beyond to get this job completed on time and within budget.

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