Cube 2 Decoview Door – Pimpama QLD

New estates are being built across Australia every day and after a while, all home designs can start to look the same. For people who want to stand out from the “cookie-cutter” homes on the block and show their individuality, Decoview doors are perfect!

Our customer in Pimpama wanted to do exactly that – stand out from the rest of the homes on the street, so they visited us in our factory to look at our display doors. They ended up choosing a Factory Fit-favourite design, Cube2.

This futuristic laser-cut design creates an instant impact from the street (just check out the photos!) and provides excellent security. As both Decoview and Factory Fit Screens are members of the National Security Screen Association (NSSA), you can be assured that the product you’re getting is made and installed to the highest quality.

Our customer and his family are so excited with how their door turned out and so are we! The door made such an impression that our customer’s friend a few streets over will be having their very own Decoview door installed by us in a few weeks time.

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