Balustrading with Secure View

SecureView screens are security-rated products that are incredibly versatile and have a multitude of uses beyond just being excellent doors and windows for your home. The premium quality materials and construction of the screens make SecureView perfect for balustrading as well!

SecureView screens are made from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel which makes them perfect for outdoor use such as on balustrades. Through rain, hail, or sun these screens will stand up to the conditions!

Beyond the advantages that are borne from quality materials, SecureView balustrading will give you aesthetic appeal that’s different from any other house. These screens will help to keep the direct sun out at the height of the day, but its excellent visibility means that a good amount of sunshine will still be allowed in to light the space – no dark patios!

For a more affordable option, we can also fit this out in our Bella 316 mesh which is made from the same high-quality 316 Marine Grade stainless steel!

We love when we’re able to do something a little bit different to achieve our customers’ dreams, so if you have a job that’s been put in the “too hard” basket for too long, we’d love to help!

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