5 reasons to choose Secure View Eclipx security screens

One of the biggest misconceptions we see people have is that standard diamond grille windows and doors are “security”. However, this is not the case and a screen can only be defined as a security if it has passed stringent testing under Australian Standards and has been installed by a certified fitter. At Factory Fit Screens, our premium security product is Secureview Eclipx Security Screens. These top-of-the-line screens are an investment in your family’s security and we’ve compiled 5 reasons to choose Secureview Eclipx screens below!

1. True security screen

A screen can only be classified as a true security screen when it complies with Australian Standard 5039 (AS-5039). This standard outlines the minimum requirements for a security screen and each screen undergoes rigorous testing in order to achieve this standard. Secureview not only passes but exceeds these tests.

2. Extensive colour range

Secureview frames come in a wide and varying range of colours. The Secureview frame is finished using Interpon™ powder coating and includes the latest Colourbond™ colours and wood grain effect. From colours popular over 30 years ago to those that are standard in modern homes today, the colour options are endless.

3. Built with anti-corrosion materials

Every inch of these screens were specifically designed to stand the test of time in our unique Australian conditions. Secureview screens are built from corrosion-resistant marine grade stainless steel mesh and solid aluminium frame. They also undergo a 10,000 hour salt spray test to prove its corrosion-resistance. From the outback to the coast, these screens are perfect for our conditions.

4. Satisfies Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40

Secureview screens have been tested under Australian Standard AS3954-2009 and are compliant with Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 12.5, 19, 29 and 40. The Secureview system has also been adapted to create fire and emergency escape windows, which allows easy and swift escape from the home in an emergency.

5. Completely unobstructed view

With a patented fixing system to create a seamless frame and revolutionary tensioning system to remove the need of mid-rails, Secureview screens provide a completely unobstructed view for your home. This fixing method also removes the need for rivets and screens, creating an even greater prevention against corrosion. They’re sure to look perfect on any and every home!

With an 11-year manufacturer’s warranty and screens fitted by Factory Fit Screens to AS-5040, Secureview will provide you with the confidence you need to make an informed decision on security screens on your home. As always, please feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions!

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