Training Day for the Factory Fit Team

Training Day for the Factory Fit Team

The sky’s no longer the limit for Factory Fit Screens. Over the last two weeks, our installation team have completed a training course for the operation of boom lifts for an exciting new service we’re offering. 

We’re always striving to offer the most varied and complete range of services for our customers, so we’re excited to add yet another to our range. Not only do we expertly fit screens but we also have our CoolMate garage insulation that has proved extremely popular for our customers and assists in keeping their homes cool in summer and warm in winter. 

On the back of this success, we’ve gone one step further and are rolling out our CoolMate Industrial service! CoolMate Industrial is a no-fuss insulation for factories, warehouses and businesses (even your man-cave!). CoolMate Industrial insulation has been specifically designed to minimise disruption to business and our installation process eliminates the need for roof removal so you can keep on working. 

The completion of the training course will enable our team to add another feather to our cap! 

More details on our insulation to follow, but to express your interest in this service, please give us a call on (07) 3804 6274 or use our website’s contact form here.