"Pivot! Pivot!!"

"Pivot! Pivot!!"

More than just a great scene from FRIENDS, pivot doors are the ultimate statement entry door to the home and definitely make a house stand out from the rest on the street. ⁠Pivot doors are hung unconventionally to a standard hinged door as it rotates on a pivot box and creates a unique opening system. 

With a conventional door, there are three or four hinges placed on one side of a door frame and that door swings inwards or outwards. With a pivot door, the pivot box is located in the centre of the door frame and so creates a really different entrance to the home. 

Many homeowners love pivot doors for the unique style they bring but they do run into a problem when they’d like to leave the door open for airflow and the breeze. Leaving a pivot door open can invite bugs, insects, and ultimately intruders into the home – but we can fix that! 

Due to the unique pivot system, our techs treat this door entirely differently to standard hinged doors. We create a build-out around the existing frame so that a fly or security screen can be fitted. 

Homeowners with pivot doors now have a solution and can let the cool breeze in and keep the flies and insects out all year long! ⁠

Check out the before and after photos below!