How to Keep Your Home Coolmate

How to Keep Your Home Coolmate

In Queensland, we’re lucky to have perfect weather for most of the year. But with the weather comes the problem of keeping your home cool without spending your life savings on your airconditioner’s power bill during Summer. Gone are the days where car storage was the only use for a garage, Australians increasingly now use their garages as a home extension for entertaining and living space. To keep your electricity bills down, Factory Fit screens have expanded our services to include installation of garage insulation. 

Introducing: CoolMate! CoolMate is a 100% Australian product that is fitted to the panels of your garage door. CoolMate is made up of 10mm double-layered reflective foil laminate which means no heavy materials weighing your door down! This insulation has all of its bases covered by being fire retardant, containing no harmful carcinogens or dangerous fibrous airborne particles, and is endorsed by Standards Australia. 

Simply, CoolMate is quick to install and will help to keep your home warm during Winter and cool during Summer! 

Currently, Factory Fit offers CoolMate installation for Gold Coast and Brisbane customers exclusively. However, if you’re a bit of a handyman looking for a weekend project, you can order a DIY kit to pick up from our factory that contains all of the products you need for installation. Pricing is based on garage size and delivery zones, please use our website quote form to request pricing: or give our friendly team a call on (07) 3804 6274. 

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